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I currently live in Vancouver , BC.

Emily Davies, CNP (Certified Nutritional Practitioner)

It all started with Betty Crocker and chocolate cake. I didn’t have an easy-bake oven (even though I was envious of my friends who did). So I made cake from a box and decorated it with layers of icing and sprinkles – I thought I was cake boss. Before I knew it, every birthday and potluck, I insisted on baking the cake or dessert. Then I started to move on towards cooking. I loved controlling what I ate. But this desire for control turned into an obsession. I became obsessed with what I ate – counting calories, constantly checking the scale, and avoiding friends because of a fear of unplanned eating. Before I knew it, I developed anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder that took over my life for 2 years, dropping below 100 pounds, I needed help fast. Sadly, with these types of problems it’s hard to realize you have one until the effects become detrimental. Fast-forward 4 years, a move across the country, change of post-secondary institutions and much support from my friends and family, I moved past this illness. This experience has shaped me to become informed and mindful about what I eat and where it comes from and ultimately, discovering my true passion – helping others enjoy food and nutrition. Food isn’t something to stress over; it’s sustenance for a happy life!

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So let me show you the healing properties of whole natural foods, let me teach you how to flourish with confidence. Let us discuss possible obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your goals and how to overcome them. I’m an open person, I come from a place of non-judgment because you know we all have our struggles and that’s just a part of this beautiful life.

If you’re interested in working with me – Please contact me through my Contact Page 

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Disclaimer: Holistic nutrition is a progressive field in the health care sector. A Certified Nutritional Practitioner helps others achieve a balance and healthy lifestyle by incorporating whole natural foods and assessing the spiritual, physical and emotional aspects of an individual’s life to achieve optimal health. We work with our clients and help them achieve their goals regardless of where they are. A holistic nutritionist is not a medical doctor and cannot prescribe, treat, or diagnose any existing diseases.